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Online Fall 2023 Ice Contract

Online Fall 2023 Ice Contract

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  • Learn to Skate Group Lesson & Freestyle Options

  • Freestyle Options

    General Rules: Skaters may choose one of three freestyle ice options. Number of freestyles to skate per week are for information purposes only. Skaters may skate any number of freestyles each week as long as total number of freesyles skated during contract period does not exceed the maximum listed for chosen option. Example: With the 1 freestyle option you may choose to skate 2 freestyles one week to make up for not skating any freestyles during a different week. All freestyles on any option must be skated during this contract period. Unused freestyles will not be carried over to subsequent contract periods or refunded. Freestyles may be used during any club freestyle time but must be used in .5,1,1.5 or 2 hour increments. Additional hours can be purchased at any time if all freestyles purchased in your contract are used before the end of the contract period. Weekly freestyles times: Sunday 4:45-6:45 pm, Thursday 5:30-7:30 pm
  • Ice Contract Rules:

    Previous ice contracts must be paid in full before being allowed to contract additional ice time. Even if not skating, the skater will be responsible for paying contracted ice time unless the release of this contract is approved by CVFSC Board of Directors. A $25.00 late fee will be assessed to skater's account if Ice Contract, Membership Application, and 1/2 payment are not received by 09/14/2023.
  • Ice Contract Agreement

    Payment must be submitted the first day skater participates in 2023-2024 season. If you wish to pay online by Credit Card, please submit a request for Paypal invoice to director@cvfsc.net. Ice Contract, Membership Application, and at least 1/2 payment must be received by 9/14/23. Documents and payments received late will result in $25.00 late fee added to your account.
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