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About Us

The Cedar Valley Figure Skating Club (CVFSC), a member club of US Figure Skating (USFS), was organized to encourage the instruction, practice and advancement of its members in all aspects of the sport of ice skating.  The CVFSC encourages and cultivates a spirit of healthy competition among its competitive skaters while strictly enforcing codes of skating courtesy and good sportsmanship amongst all of its members, staff, and  board of directors.The CVFSC produces or cooperates in the production of amateur ice shows and adheres to the policies of USFS.  It is the philosophy of the CVFSC that the club exists to aid in developing the skills of its skaters to the degree each skater desires, within the limits of the club’s resources.The CVFSC recognizes the varied needs of its members, whether competitive or recreational skaters, and will assist all members in fulfilling their goals in the sport of figure skating.

Our History

The Cedar Valley Figure Skating Club (CVFSC) was initially started in 1977 as the Northeast Iowa Figure Skating Club (NEIFSC) by a couple of families who wanted to provide their daughters with an opportunity to learn to figure skate.Six girls comprised the original club’s membership and they skated at McElroy Auditorium during the five months each year it had ice.The original “ice shows” were simply recitals in which members showcased their skills for family members.As the club grew, the recital eventually developed into the full scale productions the community now loves.

January 1995:
The NEIFSC moved to its new home at Waterloo’s Young Arena, which boasted an Olympic-sized sheet of ice and offered increased annual ice time.The move to the new facility initiated a new phase of figure skating for the NEIFSC members    and exciting new opportunities for achievement in the sport. In the fall of 1995, our club showed a marked increase in competitive skaters with five girls being the first ever to compete at a regional competition.One skater brought home a gold medal, the first medal won at a qualifying competition by a club member.

1997:The NEIFSC was asked to participate in “Winter Wonderland on Ice,” a Christmas program to benefit the Cedar Valley Hospice. This was a very successful fundraiser for hospice. In years following, the club has performed a show every Christmas season as a benefit to various organizations in the Cedar Valley.

August 1998:
The NEIFSC reincorporated and became the Cedar Valley Figure Skating Club (CVFSC).

The CVFSC joined together with Young Arena to provide a structured, introductory program for recreational and beginner skaters in the community.The Learn to Skate Program utilizes the USFSA Skate With US program and follows the Basic Eights Curriculum.

Continuing with the development of electronic communications; On-Line purchasing of Ice-Time, lessons, and Learn-to–Skate programs was introduced. 

Keep watching in the future as we create “Rising Stars” in the sport of figure skating!